Grand Lake, Colorado

Anne and Eric’s wedding was really important to me because Eric has been one of my best friends over the last few years. We started our journalism careers together in the same newsroom at a small paper in New Mexico in 2001. He was a sports reporter and I was a photographer. And since we worked the exact same hours at the paper and we were also roommates, there wasn’t much time when we didn’t hang out. I often laugh remembering Eric’s daily routine of two fried eggs every morning and coming home at 1 am and grilling a steak in the middle of the night after checking the press at deadline. So, fast forward nearly 10 years and I get to witness Eric marrying Anne, overlooking the Rocky Mountains. I usually don’t get emotional at weddings because I am so consumed with shooting, but this one got to me. I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Grand Lake, ColoradoSetting:  Outdoor Wedding; Mountain Wedding; Lake Wedding