Kiawah Resort, Kiawah Island, South Carolina

You would think they are teenagers who just kissed for the first time. But no. They’ve already lived one life before this one, had two children each, and are well into very successful, high-powered careers. When they met, they fell hard and realized right away that this was everything they’d been waiting for – the last piece of their unfinished puzzles. 

Erica and Tom, who split their time between Charleston and Minneapolis, brought their closest family and friends to Kiawah Island for their wedding at Kiawah Resort. It was a sweet, family-focused day where they got ready with their children, walked down the aisle together, and had an intimate dinner by candlelight. 

To see Erica and Tom together is to be reminded of the best parts of what love can be: silliness and laughter; constant affection; true connection; the insatiable desire to be as close as possible, all the time; and the deeper appreciation that only those who have been given second chances can understand. That appreciation comes from experience, and knowing by now that happiness is not always guaranteed. But when you find that person who fills in the missing parts, and you realize it’s not possible to be in the same room and not be physically connected in some way, that is when you know the search is over.