Four Seasons Denver, Denver, Colorado

Every wedding photographer knows this. There is that moment at the beginning of the day, just before you enter the bride’s getting-ready room, where you have no idea what you’re about to walk into. Will the room be filled wall to wall with people in different stages of hair, makeup and dressing, cords and bags and clothes strewn everywhere? Or will the bride be alone, having her hair curled in silence? Will there be a serious family meeting happening, or a group prayer? Will it be a wild, champagne-laced, pajama dance party? Will there be kids running around, jumping on the furniture? (All of which we have experienced).

When we walked into Ivy’s suite at the Four Seasons, we walked into complete calm, quiet and serenity. Ivy was sitting on the couch with three friends, talking quietly and happily. There wasn’t even any music playing. All was well. VERY well.

This is how Ivy and Kyle are as a couple. They bring one another peace and contentment. And they bring that same feeling to everyone around them. It’s that feeling that everything is going to be all right. It was refreshing, and comforting. 

They were married by the pool at the Four Seasons in Denver, with cocktails outside right afterward. Even during the ballroom reception, which turned into a pretty wild dance party, Ivy and Kyle were the picture of sophistication and grace, occasionally drifting away from one another while they visited and partied with their guests, but always finding their way back. They have so much respect and love for one another, and that showed in every aspect of their day.  

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