Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

I love the way Jane and Harrison approach life and love – with humor, lightheartedness, a desire to entertain and amuse those they love, and a strong devotion to one another.

They’ve been together a long time – “We’re old,” as Jane likes to say – but time has clearly only strengthened what they started with (and let’s be honest, they look like they’re about 22).

They look out for each other, always run ideas by each other, and are always a unit. Jane gets a lot of wild and crazy ideas, and Harrison seems to always go along with them, with support and enthusiasm.

Their ceremony was on the bridge at the Ambassador Mansions and Gardens in Pasadena. After their gorgeous outdoor ceremony, they wanted to throw the football around on the campus’ football field (Jane and Harrison are big football fans). Without hesitation, Jane and her bridesmaids kicked off their high heels and played a game of touch football with the groomsmen (and not once did anyone worry about grass stains or dirtying their dresses!).

The fun and hijinks continued at the Universal Studios Hollywood reception. The wedding party entered with a choreographed dance. And Jane and Harrison’s first dance started slow and sweet, then became a hilarious hip-hop performance, complete with sneakers (which the two kept on for the rest of the night).

The entertainment didn’t stop there. For months, Jane and Harrison and their bridal party had been planning a big surprise for the other wedding guests. They announced they were going to do a joint bouquet and garter toss, so all their friends lined up behind them as a group – men and women together. Jane and Harrison tossed the respective bouquet and garter, and then suddenly Jane and Harrison, along with the group, launched into a dance flash mob – completely choreographed.

If their wedding day was any indication, these two have a great married life ahead of them, full of laughter, fun and surprises. We are so happy we were there to see it begin.

Authored by: Photographed by: Erin & BenCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Los Angeles, CaliforniaVenue:  Universal Studios Hollywood