Molly&Colin: A Savannah Elopement

Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia

When it was time for Molly’s vows, instead of directing her attention at Colin, she pulled his daughter Kenzie in front of him and looked her right in the eyes. 

Her first vows were to the little girl she has watched grow up since Kenzie was 5 years old, who she knows was Colin’s first love and who will always be at the center of their lives. That moment said everything about who Molly and Colin are. Along with Kenzie and their dog, Etta, and the baby girl growing in Molly’s belly, they are not just a couple, but a family. It didn’t take a wedding to make that happen. 

Savannah Elopement

Molly and Colin’s pandemic elopement in Savannah was intimate, joyful, adventurous and a celebration of who they are right now, in this unique moment in time. It was the peak of what has been an action-packed, whirlwind quarantine for them. This Pennsylvania couple got engaged in March, then shortly after found out they were pregnant, then sold their house in Philadelphia, and are now searching for a new home that will be the home base for their newly expanded family. Molly and Colin initially put wedding plans on the back-burner, but were suddenly struck with the idea to elope at the end of the summer. They realized Kenzie would be going back to school soon, and this was their only window to have the quiet, simple wedding they always wanted, in a town they love. They planned it all in two weeks. 

Colin, Molly, Kenzie and Etta road-tripped from Philadelphia to Savannah for what Kenzie thought was just a vacation. They told her the photographers were there to do a family portrait session for them. Halfway through the day, Molly and Colin surprised Kenzie with the news that they were going to get married that day! At that point, the day quickly switched to wedding mode. A makeup artist arrived, Molly laid out dresses, shoes and jewelry she had bought for her and Kenzie, and excitement permeated the air. 

Forsyth Park Wedding Ceremony

Molly and Colin married in historic Forsyth Park, one of Savannah’s most famous landmarks, under ancient oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. Officiant Tia Hughes guided them as they each shared very personal, emotional vows, exchanged rings and made it all official. The rest of the day was exploring this beautiful city, and eating takeout pizza on the plaza at the end of the night.  

Colin is a fellow wedding photographer, and you should definitely check out his intimidatingly excellent work here. Molly is a speech therapist. They both play the ukelele, and Molly sings as well. They have a unique and fascinating backstory of how they met and got engaged. Rather than me retelling it here, you should read this adorable interview with them in Philadelphia Magazine: Molly and Colin’s Story. At the very least, scroll to the bottom of the article to see the song Molly, Colin and Kenzie performed together to announce their engagement. It will make your day. 


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