Calistoga Ranch, Calistoga, Wine Country, California

When Ray, who is a respected brain surgeon at Cedars Sinai, first saw Uyen in line at Starbucks, he knew he had one chance to talk to this girl before she was gone forever. So as she had her face up against the glass counter trying to pick out a muffin “so close you wonder if even the glass is enough to protect them,” he gave it his best shot.

“So you really wanna get your carbs on, huh?” he said. It worked. They started talking, he paid for her muffin, and with that, their fate was sealed. And now, three years later, when they look at each other it is with such an intensity that you feel like you can actually see the rest of the world disappearing around them. And it helps that Ray’s one liners still make Uyen giggle nonstop.

We felt like we had gotten to know these two pretty well during their wedding-planning period, especially during their Los Angeles engagement session last year, which made us even more excited to hang out with them for another couple of days. For their wedding day, Uyen and Ray chose the incomparable Calistoga Ranch, with the reception in the wine cave. We joined them again the next day, for a portrait session around the ranch.

Uyen and Ray, thank you for bringing us into your lives and trusting us to photograph such an important day. You are an unforgettable couple.

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Calistoga, Wine Country, CaliforniaSetting:  Vineyard WeddingVenue:  Calistoga Ranch