Workshops 2011

We are very, very excited to announce two new workshops for this Summer and Fall. We’re teaming up with two of our favorite studios, DQ and Wirken Photography, for two very different experiences.
The first will be our Love + Light Workshop in New York City with Dave and Quin Cheung of DQ Studios on Wednesday, Aug. 10th. This one-day workshop will be a nonstop shootout in the streets of New York focusing on what we individually do best: flash (DQ) and ambient (Chrismans). You’ll spend half the day with DQ learning their flash magic and the other half with us where we’ll show you how to find the unexpected in even the most typical places. We’ll have a real couple that is really in love and a big dinner at the end. This workshop is for the photographer that is happy with their business, but wants a new perspective when it comes to finding real moments and epic portraits with fresh eyes.
The second workshop will be with Tyler Wirken for his Wirkshop Series at his studio in Kansas City on Sept. 27-28th. Tyler is one of the best documentary wedding photography teachers in the country. We’ve known him for several years, and have taught alongside him at the Foundation Workshop. At the two-day Wirkshop, we will tackle all angles of photographing a wedding – from learning how to be patient for the moment to creating a beautiful portrait in difficult lighting. We’re also going to be looking at how to improve your business even in this challenging economy. We’ll discuss your photographs, your Web site, your branding, your price sheet and everything else you show to clients to help you figure out how to make all those things better. If you’re looking for a workshop that will be an instant shot of adrenaline for your career, this is it.
We could not happier with what we have in store for those who decide to join us. Erin and I have taught – and been students at – workshops all over the world. We know how workshops have changed our lives and careers, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that happens for you as well.
See you in the Big Apple or Kansas City!

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