About Chrisman Studios

Chrisman Studios is a collective of four photographers and one videographer who love the art of photography and film and are dedicated to being better every single weekend.


Chrisman Studios has received many of the most celebrated and distinguished awards in the business, but none of them would have been possible without the amazing couples that allow us into their lives.


From wedding blogs to photography magazines, our couples get a lot of attention.


In 50 years, your album will be the one thing that you and your family will have to show exactly what what it looked and felt like to be at your wedding.


All of the testimonials are candid letters or emails we have received from couples, their friends and family. Their words give meaning to our work.


We love moving images as much as we love stills. And more importantly, we love being able to give you a wedding film that is a perfect complement to our photography style.

Frequent Questions

We love talking about weddings, and we love good questions. Here are a few that you might have already been thinking about.


Chrisman Studios has taught workshops and spoken at conferences around the world. If you're a photographer interested in working with us, whether in a private setting or a larger group, please feel free to contact us at