Wedding photography is often considered the underdog of the industry, that dark place where photographers go to start a career or earn some extra shekels to pay the bills. But very few have turned the endeavor into a legitimate art form. Meet Chrisman Studios, creators of the most spectacular wedding photos you’ve ever seen.

Feature Shoot

Chrisman Studios, 2019

48 of the most beautiful wedding photos taken in the last decade

Ben Chrisman took this stunning photo of a couple from above. Everything about the photo seems natural, from the flowers to the bride's bare feet.


Ben Chrisman, 2019

16 Photography Greats of the Past and Present Who Inspire Me

Erin and Ben Chrisman are leaders in the wedding industry both in the USA and internationally. They are in demand globally because of how creative they are with every aspect of wedding photography including portraits, candid, details, etc. They are simply bada** and cutting edge.

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Chrisman Studios, 2018

13 Best Wedding Photos From Exotic Destinations

Stunning backdrops, expensive gowns, strung-out couples on the most important day of their lives ... how much drama can be packed into a single photo? We asked well known destination wedding photographers for their most striking work.


Chrisman Studios, 2013

Enchanting Mongolia

Nomin and Batka’s spectacular wedding, described by many as Mongolia’s “Wedding of the Decade”, was every bit as colorful and enchanting as ‘The Land of Eternal Blue Sky’ itself.

Asia Weddings and Honeymoons

Chrisman Studios, 2013

The 17 Best Wedding Blogs For Amazing Inspiration (2018 Edition)

We set out to find 17 of the best wedding blogs to help you be able to plan your perfect wedding day. These top wedding blogs write about finding the perfect theme, sticking to your budget, and more.

Bride Envy

Chrisman Studios, 2018

Chrisman Studios - Fundy Storytellers

Watch Ben and Erin Chrisman describe their favorite personal prints, describe the importance of print in their studio and what they love about Fundy Software.

Fundy Software

Chrisman Studios, 2016

The Legends of Light

Profoto is pleased to recognize Ben Chrisman, Erin Chrisman and Mauricio Arias as Profoto Legends of Light for their outstanding skills and contributions to the professional American photographic community.


Chrisman Studios, 2017

Glam Mississippi Wedding

Kara grew up with a plantation at the end of her street and dreamed about having her own wedding in front of the cascading trees and white columns.

Southern Weddings

Chrisman Studios, 2013

Zareen and Jonathan at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco

Zareen and Jonathan's beautiful Persian wedding at the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco

Grace Ormonde

Chrisman Studios, 2014

A Formal Retro Destination Wedding in Charleston

Caitlin and Aaron met in a medium-security women's federal prison in California.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Chrisman Studios, 2014

Jen and Greg's wedding at The French Laundry

Many gourmands rearrange their schedules to land a coveted reservation at the French Laundry. Jennifer “Jen” Fukui rerouted her life.

The San Francisco Chronicle

Chrisman Studios, 2013

Lena and Jeff's Wine Country Wedding

There’s nothing dreamier than a California wine country wedding and this lovely Atwood Ranch affair is about as fabulous as it gets.

Style Me Pretty

Chrisman Studios, 2011

Mountain of Love

For Andrew Bosworth, it took a four-day trek across glaciers complete with crampons and ice axes to reach the peak of his courtship with April Wood – a breathtaking proposal on the snowy summit of Mount Shasta in Northern California.

Inside Weddings

Chrisman Studios, 2013

Secret Garden

Nestled in the base of the Santa Monica Hills, tucked away in a chic neighborhood separated from the rush and ruckus of Los Angeles, a quaint luxury hotel offered the natural setting and elegant appeal that Kristin Cline and Jake Wurzak were seeking in a destination-wedding venue.

Inside Weddings

Chrisman Studios, 2013

Audio interview with Ben Chrisman

Ben talks about his approach to documentary wedding photography, the layers and humor in his work, what it’s like having associate shooters and his advice for up and coming photographers.


Ben Chrisman, 2013

Company Party

Multi-photographer collective Chrisman Studios defines a new generation of wedding photography.

Rangefinder magazine

Chrisman Studios, 2013

The Best Wedding Photographer Portfolios For Inspiration

Exotic locations, surprise for anyone, scintillating mood with gorgeous couples. A group of 5 photographers who are the best in everything they do.

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Chrisman Studios, 2012

Natasha and Ali's Lake Tahoe Wedding

By using natural, neutral tones and organic elements along with hints of copper and gold, Natasha’s wedding style was a sophisticated edge to the rustic side of Tahoe.

Style Me Pretty

Chrisman Studios, 2011

Real Wedding: Elizabeth and Ethan - Tucker's Town, Bermuda

Elizabeth and Ethan's multi-day celebration at the Tucker's Point Club in Bermuda.

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons magazine

Chrisman Studios, 2010

Melissa and Jonathan's Bahamas Wedding

When it came to selecting a location for their December wedding, Melissa and Jonathan let sentiment guide them to the One & Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas.

Brides magazine

Chrisman Studios, 2008

Crash Taylor interviews Ben Chrisman

Ben is definitely a photographer whose work pushes the boundaries of our profession to create images that are emotional, edgy, original, and most of all capture a unique moment in time.

Crash Taylor

Ben Chrisman, 2008

Colorful Destination Wedding in Mexico

The wedding took place in the small and quiet town of La Manzanilla, Mexico. Dear friends of the couple offered their house “Casa Golondrinas“, where the ceremony was held out in the open air as the sun was setting.

French Kiss the Bride

Chrisman Studios, 2014

50 Top US Wedding Photographers

The US is home to some of the finest wedding photographers in the world. We took a look at some of the top award-winners from around the country.


Chrisman Studios, 2014

Meet the Expert: Chrisman Studios

Founded in 2005, Chrisman Studios includes a globe-trotting team of wedding photographers whose fun, edgy and moving work has earned them high praise. Here, principle photographers Ben and Erin Chrisman, along with Mauricio Arias, share their experience and tips for photographing same-sex destination weddings.

Gay Destination Weddings

Chrisman Studios, 2014


You know, sometimes you just come across these weddings that completely blow your mind away. Amazing couple, awesome location, crazy sh*t hot photography, hot fashion choices and well… … it kinda leaves you speechless.

F*Yeah Gay Weddings

Chrisman Studios, 2015

The Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the US

I’d like to recognize some of the best wedding photographers in the country for their dedication to the craft. To be a successful wedding photographer you must be not only an artist but a savvy marketer and an entrepreneur rolled up into one. To formulate this list I asked some of the smartest photographers I knew to nominate the photographers who impressed them the most (in business or in art). This list was compiled from submissions along with photographers who I’ve seen consistently improve their craft.


Chrisman Studios, 2015

Blending of Traditions

Our wedding weekend included two weddings, so it was actually the “Big Days”, plural! We started things off by holding a Mehndi, which also served as the welcome event for all of our guests. The following morning, Rahul kicked things off with a Baraat.

Southern Bride

Chrisman Studios, 2015

Jena & Yves in Big Sur

With Jena and Yves’ gorgeous Big Sur destination wedding, these two proved that love really does conquer all.

Destination I Do

Mauricio Arias, 2015

Professor of Precision

With the goal of in-camera perfection, Joseph Victor Stefanchik explains why his success is owed to his penchant for preparation.

Rangefinder Magazine

Joseph Victor Stefanchik, 2015

Yael & Or

An Astronimical Party for an Israeli Wedding at Tel Yah, Tel Yitzhak, Israel

Smashing the Glass - Inspiration for Super Cool Jewish Weddings

Chrisman Studios, 2015

Always & Forever

Wedding photographers have the tough job of capturing images that a couple will enjoy for a lifetime. Some photographers rely on their unique style, while others put increased effort into connecting with the couple through the entire wedding process. We talked with top wedding photography studios to discover their secrets to success.

Digital Photo Pro

Chrisman Studios, 2015

The Best Wedding Photographers of New York

Whether your wedding is in New York or anywhere else in the world (many of these photographers will travel for destination weddings), these are the photographers every bride-to-be should know – and keep in mind for those other important life photo op moments (anniversaries, births, etc.)!

Zank You Weddings

Chrisman Studios, 2015

Guest Tip – Ben Chrisman on the Importance of Print

A Chrisman Studios' client explains how a wedding album meant the world to the groom's mother after being diagnosed with cancer.

Fundy Designer

Ben Chrisman, 2015

Intimate California Wedding at Vine Hill House

Natalie and Cody envisioned a backyard setting for their intimate California wedding, and the gorgeous vineyards at Vine Hill House provided exactly the welcoming feel and beautiful scenery the couple imagined.

Junebug Weddings

Erin Chrisman, 2015