Erin Chrisman

Chrisman Studios
Photo by Ben Chrisman
Erin's birthday.
Photo by Ben Chrisman
Photo by Ben Chrisman
Morgan and Damian's wedding at The Daly Mansion in Hamilton, Montana.
Photo by Ben Chrisman
Photo by Ben Chrisman
Photo by Morgan Lynn Razi
Chrisman Studios
Photo by Ben Chrisman
Photo by Dave Getzschman

Erin gravitated toward photography on a trip to Honduras many years ago. She was there working as a reporter, shooting some of her own photos, and found herself drawn more to photographing the local villagers than interviewing them.

She loves the connection that develops between photographer and subject, the simple satisfaction of beautiful light, the more complex sensation of seeing raw emotion unfold before her eyes – and blending it all together inside her camera.

She also loves a boy named Ben and getting to see the world through the beautiful, one-of-a-kind family celebrations they are fortunate enough to be invited to. It’s an honor she will always be in awe of.

Erin and Ben live in Erin’s hometown of Charleston, South Carolina with Mela, their chatty cat.

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