Mauricio Arias

Chrisman Studios
Photo by Ben Chrisman
Photo by Miguel Orozco
Bong Birthday Parthy  in San Francisco, California
Photo by Mauricio Arias
Photo by Aaron Morris
Chrisman Studios
Photo by Ben Chrisman
Photo by Aaron Morris
Photo by Joseph Victor Stefanchik

Mauricio has a curiosity that allows him to find beauty in the simplest things most of us don’t ever notice. And when you put a camera in his hands, he seemingly becomes invisible, searching for a unique vantage point from which to photograph what may look like a typical scene to others.

Mauricio has learned the art of photography with a passion that can only come from a dedicated and fascinated soul. Mauricio will make sure you not only get the photographs you expect from your wedding day, but the photographs you never dreamed possible, even though they were happening all around you.

Mauricio was recently named the Photographer of the Year by in their international contest. He has also received the Best of the Best award three years in a row by Junebug Weddings, and the Photographer of the Quarter by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

He teaches workshops and speaks at photography conferences around the world, splits time between his two homes in San Francisco and Managua, and along with his beautiful wife Maria Jose, has a seven-year old son named Izzat and a baby girl named Maya.

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