Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas

On the way to Aimee’s parents’ home in Dallas, we called the wedding coordinator to check in on some logistical things before we started our day.

“Um, did anyone call you yet?” she asked.

“No, why?”

“Aimee is very, very sick. As in, she may not even make it to the wedding. Her doctor is on the way right now.”

We were told Aimee still wanted us to come to the apartment, but no one was sure yet what exactly we would be photographing – maybe just a quick ceremony in the condo, or maybe we would reschedule the wedding altogether. Everything was on hold until her condition could be assessed. We have known Aimee’s family since 2011 when we photographed her sister Katherine’s White Oak Plantation wedding in Florida, so everyone felt comfortable enough with us being there.

Upon entering, we found our beautiful bride lying on the couch, her pale face lovingly cradled by her fiancé, Ed. Right after us, the doctor entered, and decided she should go to the hospital. Aimee ended up getting an I.V. of fluids, and returned home about an hour later. The amazing team of Makeover Mafia worked fast and effectively, doing her hair and makeup at the same time. When they were done, Aimee was in great spirits and looked absolutely stunning. She wasn’t back to normal, but the fluids had made her feel well enough to go to the ceremony.

She and Ed rode to the Dallas Museum of Art together in a limo, and could not keep their eyes off each other the entire ride. I was moved  by their continuous smiles and affectionate touches. I saw a very deep, strong connection between them. The ceremony was beautiful and emotional, and everyone just felt so relieved and grateful that everything had come to fruition after such a turbulent morning.

Aimee and Ed stayed at the reception through the first dance, father-daughter dance, and speeches, but Aimee was not well enough to stay any longer. I will never forget, though, seeing her go table to table in between the dances and speeches, greeting everyone like the amazing hostess she is used to being. She smiled; she laughed; she embraced her friends and family and told them she appreciated them. And she let them know that she wanted the party to go on without her.

And it did. Everyone else stayed till the end – missing Aimee and Ed but wanting to do right by her by enjoying the party she had worked so hard to plan.

There aren’t many brides who could keep a smile on their face, or maintain selflessness, during a day like this. But Aimee was an example of perfect grace – happy and grateful for the good things she had been given, and not the least bit resentful that she didn’t get the perfect day she had envisioned. Even now, she tells us that it was just such a wonderful day and she is so happy her friends and family had such a good time.

It ended up being a brief stomach illness that passed a couple of days after the wedding – worst timing ever, but sometimes life just gets in the way like that. And now Aimee and Ed are back to doing what they do so well together – making a difference in the world. Aimee and Ed, who met working on President Obama’s finance committee, have been involved in progressive political causes for more than a decade – Aimee as a women’s rights activist and Ed serving on several presidential finance and advisory committees. They just recently hosted President Barack Obama in their home for dinner.

Sometimes we have couples who simply leave us in awe – Aimee and Ed are definitely one of those couples.

Authored by: Photographed by: Ben & ErinCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Dallas, TexasVenue:  Dallas Museum of Art