Hacienda Uayamon, Campeche, Mexico

Being fairly private people, it’s strange for us to be putting our own wedding photos on our own blog. Again. But at the same time it makes us really happy to share with you what was the absolute best day of our lives so far. We were lucky enough to have had three incredibly talented photographers there capturing it all for us. We showed you Kitty and Craig’s photos a few weeks ago, and we just received Aaron Morris’ a few days ago. Aaron is one of our associate photographers, but more importantly, he’s one of our best friends and one of the most talented photographers we know. Aaron worked constantly the entire week we were in Mexico, and shot the entire 7 1/2 hour dance party that was our reception. We wanted our wedding day, and especially the reception, to be an opportunity for all our 40 wedding photographer friends to finally let loose at a wedding and not have to worry about taking a picture. And in addition to the photographers, we also had 18 of our former brides and grooms there with us on our electric dance floor. It was a pretty incredible sight, and one that we’ll never be able to replicate again. But thanks to Aaron, Kitty and Craig, we’ll never forget it. And we haven’t even seen Vlad’s full length video yet.
And thank you to Billy Simons, who not only played our ceremony and performed our first dance song (Rihanna’s “Umbrella”), but also recorded a beautiful version of it for the slideshow. You can find his version of “Umbrella” here. And also a big thanks to the best DJ we’ve ever heard, San Francisco’s Risk One, who never let the music stop all week.