Glen Foerd on the Delaware, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A girl from Philadelphia who is living in Hong Kong meets a guy from Australia at a party in Vienna.  

The universe sure found an interesting way to bring Caroline and Jonathon together, but once it happened, the path was set. They hit it off so well that Jonathon flew Caroline to Perth, Australia, for a visit. And they continued to meet up for dates wherever they could around the world – Hong Kong, Bali, Australia. 

But for the wedding? It was all the way back to Philly for that. 

Caroline and Jono, as he is affectionately called by his friends and family, married at Glen Foerd on the Delaware, a historic estate on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Jono’s favorite moment of the day was seeing Caroline walk down the aisle toward him. Their ceremony was all smiles and happy tears in the ballroom of the estate. Then the party commenced under the tent outside. 

Caroline and Jonathon now live together in Melbourne, Australia. But before we end this post, let’s throw in yet another country to this crazy mix. Jonathon originally met Mauricio, the photographer, at Melissa and Cameron’s Santorini wedding in Greece. Two years later, when it was time for his own wedding, he remembered how much he loved the photos and reached out to us. So let’s see… it took events in six countries to make it so that I am able to write today about how much we loved getting the chance to photograph this wedding and these two fun and exuberant people. We love it when the universe works in mysterious ways!


Authored by: Photographed by: MauricioCategory:  WeddingsTag:  vintage weddingDestination:  Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaVenue:  Glen Foerd on the Delaware