Taber Ranch, Sacramento, California

I love when I get the chance to photograph a couple who are friends with one of my former couples. From the very start of the day, I feel like part of the gang.

I was introduced to Jenny and Andy through a previous bride of ours, Erin. Erin’s wedding was a couple of years ago, but seeing her made me realize that when I photograph weddings I’m not only witnessing a wedding but a marriage. Erin was eight months pregnant during Jenny and Andy’s wedding. Seeing that brought a higher level of inspiration for me.

Jenny and Andy are a beautiful young couple who decided to have a wedding that combined a country feel with a hard-rock style.

The wedding day started at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, where I got the opportunity to hang out with a really cool group of friends who were Jenny’s bridesmaids. The day only got better from there. We all boarded a bus and traveled to a small paradise, the Taber Ranch in Sacramento, for the ceremony and reception.

This place quickly became one of my favorite places to photograph. The combination of the beauty of this heavenly landscape and the handsome couple I was photographing was truly an inspiring blessing.


Authored by: Photographed by: MauricioCategory:  WeddingsTag:  vintage weddingDestination:  Sacramento, CaliforniaSetting:  Vineyard WeddingVenue:  Taber Ranch