Lee Ann&Steve

Diablo, California

You owned the dance floor in Jamaica at Russell’s wedding. You did the Humpty Dance on stage at your parents’ country club at Bobby’s wedding. You kept the parties going at your friends’ weddings.

We have watched you love so hard on your family and friends at their weddings – hugging, celebrating, and toasting them with everything you had, making sure the party stayed lively and the dance floor packed. And each time, you came without a date. You didn’t need one. You were that enviable, independent woman whose huge smile and infectious energy were enough to fill a room on her own. 

Everyone knows that about you. Everyone knows how loved they feel by you. Everyone knows how lucky they are to have you in their lives, on their side. So you can imagine how utterly awesome it was for everyone to celebrate YOU this time. 

I think we were all waiting to see who would finally get your attention and win your heart. And what a delight that it was Steve, with his quiet quirkiness, his fierce intelligence, his complete adoration of you, and his ability to somehow make you smile even bigger than you did before.

Lee Ann and Steve… you fell hard, and you fell all the way in. Seeing the way you love one another with such a purity and wholeness has been a joy to witness. Your wedding, in the exact place you always imagined it – on the lawn at your parents’ home in Diablo – had it all: a giddy bride who was crazy in love, a groom who was absolutely mesmerized by her, extremely proud and emotional families, wild and happy friends, heavenly California light, a sabered champagne toast, and a reception that was so much fun everyone literally collapsed in exhaustion at the end.

This was the last of the Frahm Family weddings, and it felt emotional and full-circle for us (and also for Vlad, who filmed all three!) But the great thing is, with this family, the party doesn’t stop here. There will always be more raucous gatherings at the famous Hacienda Frahm; we’ll still stop in to see the NYC contingent when we’re there; and we’ll be here in Charleston waiting with open arms to host all of you and make sure you eat and drink well (although we’ll let Steve pick the wine). 

You all have enriched our lives, and we treasure your friendship. Thank you for trusting us many times over. As several guests said to us at Lee Ann and Steve’s wedding – “You’re family now!” – we walked away feeling like maybe that was at least a tiny bit true. If so, man are we lucky. 

** See all the happiness and love in Vlad’s 3-minute teaser film from Lee Ann and Steve’s wedding here. And, if you feel like seeing more, including helpful footage on how to photograph a reception while dancing and holding a wine glass, see the longer highlight film here.

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