Highlands Estate, Healdsburg, Wine Country, California

Jonathan told us one of the things he loves the most about Natalie is that she doesn’t need him, but that she chooses to be with him. She could do anything, be with anyone, or not even be with anyone at all. And yet she chooses him. Over and over again. 

Natalie is highly successful, a go-getter, a charge-taker, super-driven and accomplished. And on top of all of that, she’s gorgeous, hilarious and adventurous. So yeah, she doesn’t need anyone to fill any gaps in her life. But when you fall in love for real, it’s usually when you weren’t even looking, and for reasons you can’t even articulate yourself. You just know you’re in it. That magnetic draw is a powerful one. 

Natalie and Jonathan are both super Type A’s – accomplished, opinionated, tenacious. They found kindred spirits in one another. They love to travel, and are both big wine-country fans. That is where Jonathan proposed, and it’s where they chose to have their wedding.

They were married at the idyllic Highlands Estate in Sonoma County. Despite a little rain during the ceremony, they had an amazing day, and an outright raucous reception. When you bring in San Francisco’s Prince tribute band, The Purple Ones, you know things are gonna get crazy. And they did. In all the best ways. 

Big thanks to photographer Robyn Navarro for helping Mauricio shoot this one! And Kristen Miller of So Eventful… you are absolutely amazing and make our job very easy!