San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, California

“We want our wedding day to be fun, romantic and intimate. Maybe even a bit adventurous. We want Aiden with us for the ceremony. Troy & I will then paint the town red.” – Resi, in one of her first emails to us.

Resi, I’d say you checked off all of those things and then some. Your adorable son Aiden was right there in the thick of things, to witness his parents become husband and wife; the romance was in the way you and Troy looked at one another all day; the intimacy came from your decision to have a select group of friends with you; and the adventure… well you DID climb a graffiti wall in your white wedding gown.

Thanks for letting Mauricio and Ryan join you guys and your super-fun friends for a limo adventure around San Francisco. I hope Aiden will love looking through these images one day when he’s old enough to understand. He’ll get to see that he was present for his parents’ wedding, and he’ll get to see the love shared among everyone that day. He’ll see that his parents were very lucky to have found one another and to have found all those wonderful friends. And he’ll understand even more what a lucky kid he was to be born into such a family.



Authored by: Photographed by: MauricioCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  San Francisco, CaliforniaVenue:  San Francisco City Hall