Madrona Manor, Healdsburg, Wine Country, California

Hae-Jin and Bobby were engaged and married in less than a year from when they first met, planning their wedding in just three months. It was an immediate attraction, and an immediate feeling of knowing that everything had finally fallen into place in just the right way.

“We feel as though we have been connected forever and could not wait to start our lives together as husband and wife,” Hae-Jin told me.

These two have a playful, lighthearted relationship that keeps life fun and lively. “We bring out the child in each other so frequently and effortlessly,” Hae-Jin said. “It’s a rare day that you won’t find us breaking into song and dance – on the sidewalk, in the kitchen – for no reason at all.”

When it came time to propose to Hae-Jin, Bobby created a romantic scavenger hunt around San Francisco that sent her to some of their most sentimental locations, such as the restaurant of their first date and the dog park where they frequently spend Sunday afternoons with their “furbaby” Jax. Each location held a clue for the next spot, and at the very end, at the labyrinth at Land’s End, Bobby was waiting for her with a ring and flowers, accompanied by Jax.

Hae-Jin and Bobby were married at Madrona Manor in Sonoma County. “We knew we wanted a wine country outdoor wedding, and Madrona Manor is truly like a page from a fairy tale with its storybook mansion nestled among the most gorgeous flowers and gardens,” Hae-Jin said. They weaved in aspects of Hae-Jin’s Korean heritage with a Paebaek ceremony at their rehearsal dinner, which allowed them to honor many of the centuries-old Korean wedding traditions.

Authored by: Photographed by: MauricioCategory:  WeddingsDestination:  Healdsburg, Wine Country, CaliforniaVenue:  Madrona Manor