Boca West Country Club, Boca Raton, Florida

I will always remember Amber as one of the wild wedding guests at Jeannie and Michael’s Todos Santos wedding back in 2009. She was one of the most fun girls I had ever met – always laughing, always up for adventure, with a bit of a mischievous streak.

Through the years I’ve wondered who she would end up with – because it would have to be one hell of a guy to keep up with her. Well, last year we got an email from Amber saying she had met THE guy – and that he was funny and sweet, but also quiet and reserved, which makes sense. Every wild girl needs a good balance.

Amber and Tom chose Chrisman Studios photographer Aaron Morris for their Boca Raton wedding. Aaron’s style was a perfect fit for the emotional ceremony, the portraits around the gorgeous landscape of Boca West Country Club, and the high-energy dance party that followed. The reception was one of Amber and Tom’s favorite parts of the day. She remembers there was a conga line at some point that even one of the waiters joined in for. “From the pool party to the last dance, people had a blast,” she said. “And boy do our friends like to dance.”

We were lucky to get the incomparable Chip Litherland of Eleven Weddings as a second shooter. Chip is a well-respected, seasoned photojournalist who also shoots weddings. You’ll see some of his photos in the slideshow above.

But one of Amber’s favorite photos from the day was shot by Aaron. It’s one of the last photos in the slideshow, and it shows Amber and Tom kissing on the dance floor while one of Amber’s best friends looks on in happy tears. It sums up a day that was full of emotion, celebration and love as everyone watched this wonderful, wild girl finally get pinned down.


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