Welcome to Chrisman Studios

Chrisman Studios is a boutique of four photographers and one filmmaker that first and foremost love a good party and a heartfelt toast. We find everyone we meet fascinating, beautiful and worthy of a photograph that shows exactly that. We specialize in finding the uniqueness of every wedding and family we photograph, in addition to making films that show the true soul of a relationship. We are dedicated to giving you photographs that celebrate your life, make your parents proud and your friends very jealous.

Based in Charleston, San Francisco, Santa Fe and a little town outside of Venice, Italy, our weddings have taken us to Iceland, Spain, Mexico, Mongolia, Bali, Jamaica, Bhutan, Italy, Canada, Thailand, Bermuda, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Greece, Turks and Caicos, England, Bora Bora, Israel, Guatemala and on an island off the coast of Maine so remote it required four different modes of transportation to get there. So whether your wedding is on an exotic beach or in your parents’ backyard, we would love to be there for you.

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